Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020

Mi Smart Speaker Review: Best in Budget

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   Welcome to Techno Beyond. Today we are going to take the review of Mi smart speaker. Right here is the Mi smart speaker which your 3.5k is an easy recommendation. If you're planning to buy this this is obviously one of the best smart speakers that you can buy. There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind. It's great it's not perfect but then again this is a very good product. So let’s get stared.

Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020

  • Design:

    Let’s start over the design. From a distance it looks like a mini sonos one speaker. It looks like a 360 degree speaker that's only front firing. Now the build quality here is it is quite cheap but at this price we are not really complaining. The base of this is quite hollow and the overall plastic here has that glossy finish. For that price tag and the overall performance overall, audio output of these we thinks you can live with that factor.
   There aren't any hook-up screws on this so you can't like pin it on a wall or just like consistently stick it on a desk.

  • Controls from Button:

    You get four touch capacitive buttons up top. For controlling the volume, play or pausing the music and muting the speaker. There are also two far field mics on top that work adequately well. There’s a led ring around the circumference of the speaker and the brightness of it well it corresponds to the volume levels though it's not that bright.
Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020

  • LED Ring:

    Xiaomi on the product web page says that this the led ring around it supports up to 16 million colours that has a music effect you know that basically responds to your music and has an aura effect. We just could not get it to work there is no option to actually control it.

  • Connecting Ports:

    On the back side you'll find the dc in and that's about it. Now the speaker comes with the ability to stream music directly off the internet using your streaming service of your choice and it also comes with Bluetooth 4.2.

  • Pairing:

    Pairing it is quite easy just use the Google home app to pair it up with your Google account. You can even create a custom group and add more speakers to it and stream or cast music to all of them directly without any delay or lag.
    In fact the way that xiaomi recommends it is that you buy two of these and then connect it to your xiaomi mi TV and cast audio directly to both of these speakers. So in a way you eliminate the need of a sound bar but instead you're using two speakers two smart speakers that are also versatile so that's obviously great.
Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020

  • Music Stream:

    Now to stream music on it. First just sign in and set up your music platform on the Google home app. the Mi smart speaker comes with a year's worth or subscription for Gaana plus so you can use that as well. Alternatively the speaker also comes with support for Bluetooth 4.2 so to make use of that feature you have to do some extra steps. 
   Basically you have to just call up the Google assistant and ask it to enter the Bluetooth pairing mode once you've done that only then will the device be visible to connect via Bluetooth that is a kind of a weird thing because even though it has Bluetooth functionality the device still needs to be connected to Wi-Fi to actually enter into the Bluetooth pairing mode. Now because once it's connected to Wi-Fi only then will it be able to recognize your voice commands.

  • Audio output:

    Speaking of the audio output. Let’s talk about the performance this thing comes with a 2.5 inch full frequency 12 watt speaker with a 63.5 mm audio driver. Now to give you some context the Google nest mini comes with a 40 mm driver this thing can get quite loud. In fact that this can cover up to 150 square feet without any issues. If you're going the xiaomi route you know coupling two devices like that together 250 square feet without any issues. So that's great especially for the price that you're paying.

    The audio is quite punchy and while it is tuned to favour the lows a little bit better the actual bass output is not that massive. The mids are well tuned and while vocals aren't exactly amazing on this you can fine tune the treble in the Google home app to achieve slightly better results. Overall we are quite impressed by the audio output of this thing.
Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020

       One slight complaint with it being front firing and not 360 degrees. The fact that this is a mono speaker. That’s obviously quite a lot to expect from a speaker that's priced for 3.5k.

  • Microphone:

     The far field microphones on this are well decent. Sometimes it won't even work even if you're literally close to the speaker because obviously the audio output is that high it won't really be able to recognize your microphone.

  • Price Point:

     Now this thing is priced for 3.5 k right now. The sale price will end but even after that this thing will retail for 4000 which is great. And don't be confused by the online tweets. For 4000 this thing is still a very good deal.

  • My Opinion:

     So coming down to the verdict well for 3.5k this thing is a best. It does not have the best build quality, it does not have the best design, it looks cheap, and it does not have enough support. But xiaomi has clearly focused on the most important aspect of a speaker which is the audio output. The audio output on this thing is absolutely fantastic especially for that price. And add to that is the Google smart functionality. So obviously this thing is a killer thing. And it easily takes the Google nest and the nest home and all those little speakers from Google and even the Alexa speakers out of the competition quite easily.

Mi Smart Speaker Review 2020
    In fact if you're not so hell-bent on going for 360 degree sound this is a much better option than the actual nest audio or the bigger echo speakers. One thing to keep in mind which is that this is Google strictly. So it won't be able to control your Alexa powered smart devices.
    So that’s it in today’s review of Mi smart speaker i hope you enjoyed it. What you think about this device let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any feedback for us your welcome you can comment down below. You can take the email subscription that is totally free so you can get notified when we post. Follow us on the social media for latest updates. Stay tuned on Techno Beyond for latest updates and information related to Tech.

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