Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

Google Pixel Buds Review 2020: Best Buds

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  Welcome to Techno Beyond. Today we are going to take the review of Google Pixel Buds 2020. So recently Google’s pixel buds finally made it across. They actually been worth the wait well for one they're certainly not cheap they'll cost you 179 quid which is the same as Samsung’s fresh galaxy buds live and a bit more than the Jebra elite 75t.
 The Google pixel buds are absolutely round full of features some of them actually quite innovative. All of those features are quite perfectly implemented just yet. So let’s get started.
Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • Case:

      It’s pleasingly compact and just beautifully designed. The lid just flips up nicely the hinge feels nice and strong you just slip the buds out and then the pixel buds just sit nice and snug and your ears. It’s the most elegant of designs as far as true wireless ear buds go.

  • Colour:

     As well as the white models you can also grab the Google pixel buds in black if you want.

  • Design:

 No compliments on the comfort though from. The pixel buds were super comfy to rock in your locals all day long and you've got three different sizes of rubbery tips. You can find the ones that best match your own shape and size of local. They held the pixel buds very still indeed there's no shifting or anything involved. The Google pixel buds are fully ipx4 water and switch resistant.
   Now it's definitely worth pointing out early on that Google deliberately designed the pixel buds with a spatial vent built into each buds so that means that environmental noise can infiltrate just to raise your awareness of what's going on around you.

Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • Connectivity:

     Now when you first come to pair the pixel buds with your smartphone it's an absolute piece of piddle. If you ever need to reconnect to a different device nice and easy just stick the pixel buds back in the case. You’ve got a little button on that arse end right there just give that pork and you'll be able to pair up with another smartphone.

  • Controls on Google Pixel Buds:

    Touchwood that shouldn't be an issue. Now the surface of each of the pixel buds also operates as a kind of touch pad. Just a single tap will pause or play your music, you can double tap to skip a track or you can triple tap in order to go back a track and anybody if you want to conjure up the Google assistant well that's just a long press.

  • Volume Control:

     You've even got fast access to volume controls as well all you need to do is swipe forward across either of the buds in order to raise the volume and swipe backwards in order to lower it.
     There was one slight issue when you do tap to resume your music. It makes this little dinking sound in your ear.

  • Sensor:

     Each of these buds also have a built-in sensor as well so they can detect when you've yanked them out of your local and they will also pause your music and then shove them back in and they will auto resume and that's an optional feature as well as you can knock it off in the Google pixel buds app.

Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • Google Pixel Bubs App:

    The app it's definitely one of the better ones around as far as true wireless ear buds go. You can have a quick squint out how much battery life you've got remaining, you've got fast access to all of your Google assistant settings, and you can actually ring the buds rather amusingly if you lose them. You’ve got access to a whole bunch of other features.

  • Adaptive Sound feature:
     The more unique features found here on the Google pixel buds is the adaptive sound. This could do is automatically raise or lower the volume depending on how much environmental noise there is it.
    Google has also implemented an experimental attention alert featuring on the pixel buds. It’s one of the new additions and what this is supposed to do is basically dramatically lower the volume if it detects the strange voice in the near vicinity. This work not really to be perfectly.

  • New Feature for Sharing Buds:

     A feature that is good though is that the pixel buds can automatically detect if you're actually sharing one of the buds with a friend. And then allows you to independently control the volume of each bud separately.
 You’ve got a full Google assistant support on here as well you can either just press and hold on one of the buds otherwise you can call Google assistant. You can also be notified whenever one of your favourite apps has a notification pop into it.

Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • Translation Feature:

     The pixel buds also support translation via the Google translate app as well so you can actually get real-time translations into your ear. But i don't really see the point of it to be honest because you still have to have the app all put on your smartphone at the same time.

  • Audio Quality on Google Pixel Buds:

     The audio quality here on the pixel buds definitely gets a high mark. It’s not the absolute best around likes the Jebra elite 75d is very strong. The beats of course great stuff but these are very good indeed as well. Apart from that full range is successfully covered vocals sound really good. Google has just added a base boost feature and the latest update as well. That really helps with your rock tracks, your dance all that kind of stuff.

  • Call Quality:

     The call quality is also superb here on the pixel buds. So if you make a lot of phone calls definitely good stuff apparently voice was picked up with crystal clear clarity even when there was a fair bit of background rumble and we could hear the other person fine as well great stuff.
Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • Battery:

     Unfortunately one of major bug bears with the Google pixel buds is the battery life. It’s a bit all over the place sometimes i got close to five hours of life before they need to be stuck back in the case. Other times it was closer to sort of three and a half. Now a lot of rivals these days offer at least six hours of battery life quite dependably and if you look to the likes of the creative outlet goals and stuff like that you can get you know 10 hours plus on a single charge.

  • LED for alerts:

     You've actually got two led lights here on the case as well you've got one up at the top which tells you how charged the buds themselves are that'll flash white when they're done and then you've got another one here on the case itself and that will again be white when it's fully charged.
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  • Charging:

     The case can charge the bud several times before it itself will need a recharge. when it does come time to charge the case you've got a bit type c USB connectivity down below otherwise you can also charge them up wirelessly which is particularly handy if you've got a smartphone with reverse wireless charging.
Google Pixel Buds Review 2020

  • My Opinion:

     As you can see they're generally very good but we do have a couple of qualms mainly the battery life. the fact of course that they do not completely block out everything going on around you as well which will be good for some others who want a bit more peace and quiet not so great so.
    So that’s it in today’s review of Google Pixel Buds 2020 i hope you enjoyed it. What you think about this ear buds let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any feedback for us your welcome you can comment down below. You can take the email subscription that is totally free so you can get notified when we post. Follow us on the social media for latest updates. Stay tuned on Techno Beyond for latest updates and information related to Tech.

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