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Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

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      Welcome to Techno Beyond. Today we are going to take the review of Dell XPS 13 2020. Now if you fancy grabbing yourself an incredibly portable new laptop that doesn't skimp on performance dell's XPS range has always been one of the best around. The fresh new dell XPS 13 2020 is a near perfect update of an already fantastic machine. This is a super top-end skew. So let’s get started. 

Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

  • Design:

     Now first up the construction of this 2020 notebook certainly matches up with that premium price tag. The aluminium chassis is incredibly slender measuring just shy of 15 mils at its thickest point. Weighing a just 1.27 kilos. The dell XPS 13 2020 is one of the most compact laptops that I’ve seen outside. It’ll fit into even a tiny backpack or a bag.
    That metal frame is as tough as a bit of beefeater black pudding that lid barely flexes at all even under extreme pressure.  That smart silver lid also seems pleasantly resistant to scratches. The rest of the chassis seems just as tough.

  • Display:

    The display has got a nice cord and a gorilla glass 6 covering it as well. So you can consider your investment pretty well protected. You’ve also got some nice soft touch carbon fibre palm rests inside which feel really nice against your skin. 
    It’s even more good news when you turn your attention to the 13.4 inch IPS panel. This is framed by some of the skinniest bezels. For the screen itself well that is definitely another highlight of this miniature beauty. The dell XPS 13 2020 is one of few 13-inch laptops to boast ultra HD visuals.

  • Colour Accuracy:

     Good news for photographers and other creative users as well because the colour accuracy is on point you've got 100 sRGB gamut coverage and just over 80 of the adobe RGB. As far as the brightness goes it almost hits 400 nits on that maximum level so perfectly fine for working outdoors.
Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

  • Ports:

     One disadvantage with ultra-portable laptops like the dell XPS 13 2020 is the limited connectivity. On here you've got two thunderbolt ports housed on opposite edges both offering display port support. The microSD memory card slot and a headphone jack. There are no USB ports but you do at least get a USB air to type c adapter bundled in the box with the XPS. You’ve got full Wi-Fi 6 support here on the dell XPS 13


  • Keyboard:

     Dell’s fantastic design continues to the XPS 13 2020's keyboard. This is absolutely fantastic for smashing out for long typing time. Those keys are spread across the entire width of the laptop so they're a good size and well-spaced despite the limited area. The travel as you strike each key is rather shallow. You still get enough feedback for touch type and at speed. You’ve got two stage backline as well which can be quickly cycled using this handy function key.

  • Fingerprint:

     Up in the top right corner you'll find the power button. This also doubles as a very responsive and accurate fingerprint sensor. That just works in milliseconds.
You’ve got a good bit of face unlock instead and that proves just as reliable as the fingerprint sensor even in very low light.
Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

  • Webcam:

     You actually still get a webcam conveniently positioned above the display. This 720p camera is absolutely fine for a bit of zoom, Microsoft teams. If you're in a room with quite ambient lighting they do appear kind of fuzzy and grainy. There is a tiny little light just next to that camera that flashes on whenever it's in use just to warn you.


  • Audio:

    On the zoom call we had absolutely no problems with the audio. The mic clearly picked up voice.
On the audio front you've got a pair of downwards fire and stereo speakers here on the arse end of the dell XPS 13 2020. We found that audio seemed to permeate up through the keyboard. On top volume the dell XPS 13 2020 audio isn't super powerful.

  • Specs:

     On to performance and dell has stuffed one of Intel’s 10th gen core i7 chipsets in here namely the 1065 g7. Backed in this model by 16 gigs of ddr4 ram. However this XPS isn't an all-powerful beam because on the graphics front it is integrated iris graphics all the way there's no dedicated GPU
Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

  • Performance:

     It’s not too surprising that the XPS 13 2020 can basically burn through any tasks you throw its way. when we are working full-time in chrome with well over a multiple tabs open and apps in the background and even downloading files it was handling all of it simultaneously. There is not a dedicated graphics card which means naturally that for the likes of video editing and really serious intensive creative tasks all right out.

  • Cooling:

     This laptop did not overheat under duress either we did find the bottom got a little bit warm when it had been on for a while.

  • Benchmark Score:

    Silly bench 20 spaffed out a score of 1390 while pc mark 10 coughed up a result of 3962 perfectly respectable.

  • Gaming:

    If you want something for gaming on the go. Then you'll really have to temper your expectations. You’ll definitely have to stick to older titles if you want a smooth enjoyable experience.
Dell XPS 13 2020 Review

  • Storage:

     Back to the good stuff though and somehow dell has managed to cram a full one terabyte of storage into this top end model. It’s pleasingly fast storage as well you comfortably get over three gigabits per second read and write speeds in all of the testing.
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  • Battery:

    The battery life another crucial component of course of the general portability. Despite its compact size the Dell XPS 13 2020 performed pretty admirably on this front too. We finally got anywhere between five and six hours of use from a full charge.

  • Price:

    So you've got is a 10th gen core i7 chipset a gorgeous 4k touchscreen and one terabyte of storage and it's sure in cheap at 1800 quid. If you don't mind scaling back the performance, streaming the resolution down to full HD and trimming back the storage a bit as well then you can get that price whittled down to about 1400 pounds.

  • My Opinion:

     As you can see if portability is your priority but you also want dependable performance and one of the best laptop displays out there then it'll do the job. The only real limitation is that lack of dedicated graphics was definitely right out for the likes of video editing but anyone else who actually finds themselves on the move on a regular basis these days will definitely be more than happy.
     So that’s it in today’s review of Dell XPS 13 2020 i hope you enjoyed it. What you think about this device let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any feedback for us your welcome you can comment down below. You can take the email subscription that is totally free so you can get notified when we post. Follow us on the social media for latest updates. Stay tuned on Techno Beyond for latest updates and information related to Tech.

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