Bose 700 Headphone Review

Bose 700 Headphone Review : Best ANC

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  Welcome to Techno Beyond. Today we are going to take review of Bose 700 headphone. Noise cancelling headphones are one of those must-have products for office workers, travellers. They allow you to block out surrounding noise so you can focus on the task at hand or listen to some music or a podcast. Bose has been a leader in this space for decades and the Bose 700 noise cancelling headphones represent the next generation of noise cancellation in headphones.

  So let's dive into the main features of these headphones, what sets them apart, any downsides that we've run into while using them, and then ultimately we will give you my recommendation on whether or not you should pick up a pair.
Bose 700 Headphone Review

  • Design:

     For a pair of over-the-ear headphones Bose managed to slim down the headband and make the overall design look thinner than previous generations, giving them a more modern take on the classic over-the-ear design. They're probably the best looking pair of noise cancelling headphones out there today.

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  • Comfort:

    When we put them on for the first time they felt comfortable just like the previous pairs of Bose headphones. When you put them on you can pretty much leave them there for hours. Part of the reason for this is the material that Bose uses for the headband as well as the ear cups. They're super comfortable and the headphones don't weigh too much so they don't strain your neck or anything when wearing them for hours on end.

  • Bose Music App:

   When you set up your headphones you'll need to use the Bose Music app available for both Android and iOS there you'll be able to download the latest software for your headphones as well as easily update settings.
Bose 700 Headphone Review

  • Button Functionality:

    Another interesting thing about the design with these headphones is that Bose changed up the buttons a bit. The power button is the top button on the back of the right ear cup. Click it once to turn on the headphones and you'll hear this nice string cord letting you know that the headphones have turned on. Click it again to turn the headphones off while the headphones are on you can hold down the power button until you hear the Bluetooth pairing mode sound which will allow you to pair them with your other devices.

   The next button to talk about on them is the bottom button on the back of the right ear cup. This is the assistant button you can install either the Amazon assistant or the Google Assistant on the headphones directly.

  • Touch Control:

    Now the right ear cup does have a few more controls that you can do on it. You can raise and lower the volume on it by swiping your finger up and down on the surface of the cup. Double tap to play and pause music and media and swipe forward to skip ahead a track and swipe back to skip back. All of these gestures actually work quite well.

  • Noise cancellation Settings:

    Now the last button that's really interesting on these headphones is the bottom left ear cup button. This button allows you to switch between three different noise cancellation presets. The noise cancellation on these headphones are amazing you have 10 different levels of noise cancellation you can set the headphones to through the app. 
  You can select your three favourite settings and these can be changed from the Bose Music app under the favourites section.
Bose 700 Headphone Review

  • Conversation mode:

    If you hold down the button on the left ear cup your music will stop and the sound from the surrounding environment will fade in. When you're done listening to the outside environment long press that button again and the sound in your environment will fade out and your music will begin playing again.


  • Sound Quality:

     Overall we would say these are a fantastic set of headphones for sound, the audio is crisp, clear, you'll hear detail that you'll often miss in cheaper headphones and overall they just sound great.

  • EQ Control:

    For some they might not sport enough bass with their default setting. Bose has rolled out an update that adds an EQ setting in the Bose Music app that allows you to adjust the EQ of your headphones. So if you want to up the bass now you can.
Bose 700 Headphone Review

  • Bluetooth Range:

     You can connect headphones to phone from one room. And then walk to a couple of other rooms and still hear the audio playing without any distortion or disruptions.
    You can also pair them to two devices at a time and can easily toggle which device you would like to pair to from the Bose Music app.

  • Mic Quality:

    These headphones are for work calls while working remotely during the pandemic. They're perfect for blocking out any sounds from neighbours etc. but they also have a fantastic microphone so the audio quality is quite good. Bose uses a total of 10 microphones to block out sound around you and also isolate your voice from background noise.

  • Battery life:

     The battery life of these headphones is also quite good they have a 20 hour battery. You can charge them with USB-C which is great and a 15 minute quick charge will give you about 3.5 hours of listening time. To fully charge the headphones will take about 2.5 hours.

  • Downsides:

     One occasional issue that we have run into with these headphones is when I’m on a call on my computer and my phone starts ringing it's easy to forget that my phone is also connected to my headphones at the same time and the work call audio will cut out.
    They had this popping, bubbling noise coming from the right ear cup that was just constantly there. The noise occurred regardless if the headphones were connected to a device or if noise cancellation was on or off.
Bose 700 Headphone Review

  • Price:

     The Bose 700 headphones retail for $379 us dollars but you can often find them on sale throughout the year and especially in the run-up to the holidays.
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  • Recommendation:

     Unfortunately we just can't give the Recommendation that I’ve run into over the past six months with multiple pairs of these headphones, i can't recommend them. So this is definitely a weird thing to be going through and i do have to say that Bose customer service throughout this experience has been fantastic, they've been very easy to work with and one nice thing when you get a replacement product sent out to you from Bose for a faulty one the warranty for that replacement product does start when you get it. We ultimately can't recommend them given the issues I’ve had with them.
     So that’s it in today’s review of Bose 700 headphone i hope you enjoyed it. What you think about this headphone let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any feedback for us your welcome you can comment down below. You can take the email subscription that is totally free so you can get notified when we post. Follow us on the social media for latest updates. Stay tuned on Techno Beyond for latest updates and information related to Tech.


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