Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

Apple iPad Air 2020 Review : Best iPad Ever

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   Welcome to Techno Beyond. Today we are going to take the review of Apple iPad Air. We are going to check does it worth for your money and what are the pros and cons. Do we really need a 1300 machine when we already have a work laptop. So let’s get started
Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

  • Overview of iPad Air:

     The new air the air is slightly larger than the previous gen at 10.9 inches and it's a little more expensive too. The performance Wi-Fi and optional LTE are all faster as well. Tablet also now supports apple's 2nd gen apple pencil which got some useful new tricks in ipad OS 14 which came out recently with few exceptions then the air is now on par with the ipad pro the highest end of apple's 3 tablets.

  • Design:

    Speaking of the sort the design here is pretty similar to the ipad pro with flat edges a smooth uninterrupted backside and a nearly edge to edge screen that does away with the old school home button. The touch id fingerprint sensor is now in the lock button. There’s also now a USB port on the bottom which is first for the airline.

Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

  • Available Colour:

     Some of the colour choices are new here. It’s available in familiar hues like silver, space grey, rose gold; you can also opt for sky blue. Or the same mint green offered on the new iPhone 12.

  • Display in iPad Air:

     It’s a pretty lovely screen similar in quality to what you'll find on the ipad pro. This is what apple calls a quote liquid retina display with 2360x1460 resolutions or a pixel density of 264 PPI. It also supports the wider p3 colour gamut and makes use of apple's true tone technology which automatically adjusts the colour temperature depending on the ambient light. One thing you won't get on the air the ipad pro's faster refreshing 120 hertz screen.
    It’s also a little less bright 500 nits versus 600 on the pro. Everything looks sharp and punchy but never over saturated. The anti-reflective coating also meant had some wide viewing angles.

  • Camera:

     This year's air has the same camera resolution as before that would be 12 megapixels on the back and 7 megapixels up front. Spec wise the rear camera setup now matches what you'll find on the ipad pro line with the ability to shoot video in 4k and snap stills up to 8 megapixels while shooting. The aperture on the back camera is also significantly improved. Its f 1.8 now compared with f 2.4 on the 2019 model. The front camera meanwhile promises to hold up better in low light.

Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

  • Touch ID:

    Setting up touch ID felt a little clumsy compared to the setup process for touch id on a mac. You have to hold your finger over the narrow button on the top edge but it feels less intuitive than running your finger over a smooth fingerprint sensor. It’s a shame that the air still doesn't have face id.

  • Specification in iPad Air:

    The new air was the first apple device to use the company's new a14 bionic chip. The system on a chip includes a 6 core CPU and a four core GPU that's up to 30 faster than the previous generation. Apple’s next generation neural engine is two times faster at machine learning. It’s just a really zippy device that had no problem keeping up with multitasking and frequent app switching.
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  • Gaming on iPad :

   We downloaded the game like Pascal's wager and apple arcade titles like red out and beyond the steel sky. Each ran smoothly with the details rendering nicely on that sharp display. The screen is a good match for the vibrant colours in these games.

Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

    The new air also steps up to Wi-Fi six with sixty present faster LTE speeds on cellular models. The ipad was really quick at downloading the various apples TV plus movies.

  • Battery Life:

    The air delivers solid battery life. Apple claims it's capable of up to 10 hours with web browsing or video playback and up to 9 hours on LTE the same as always basically. Apple products after using chrome and Google docs unplugged for two and a half hours we still had around eighty present.

  • Apple pencil:

    The new air supports the second generation apple pencil whose defining feature is that it latches onto the tablet magnetically for storage and charging. There’s also a smart connector on the device allowing you to use accessories like apple's excellent magic keyboard. As it happens some of the most exciting new features in ipad OS 14 are specific to the apple pencil. The new scribble feature lets you write inside any text field with pencil. The feature it works nearly perfectly.
   You can also sketch shapes into the notes app which the software then converts into precise vector drawings which can be nice if drawing diagrams is a big part of your life.

Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

  • Storage available:

    The 2020 edition comes with two storage options 64 gigs at the base level or 256 gigs.

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  • Price & accessories:

    The air used to start at 499 not 599. Those prices are for Wi-Fi only models by the way in each case LTE will add 130 bucks to the price not including monthly fees of course. From there you have your choice of accessories which you'll absolutely want if you intend to use the ipad as a laptop replacement. The magic keyboard costs 299 almost as much as one of apple's basic ipads. You can also go with the smart keyboard folio which costs 179. Then there's a second gen pencil which costs 129 dollars.
    If you consider the ipad pro this starts at 799 for the smaller 128 gigabyte 11 inch model and offers many of the same features as the less expensive air. Adding a few amenities like a higher refresh screen, Lidar sensor face id and a four speaker audio setup.
Apple iPad Air 2020 Review

  • Opinion:

     For last year it was the perfect just right tablet it offered more features in the basic entry-level model but was still more attainable than the premium pro line. It was the best tablet for most people. This year we would upgrade the air to the best tablet for almost everyone. It’s apple's best high-end tablet at least for now.

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    So that’s it in today’s review of Apple iPad 2020 i hope you enjoyed it. What you think about this device let us know in the comment section down below. If you have any feedback for us your welcome you can comment down below. You can take the email subscription that is totally free so you can get notified when we post. Follow us on the social media for latest updates. Stay tuned on Techno Beyond for latest updates and information related to Tech.

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